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FACT: Elizabeth Doesn’t Take Any Money From PACs or Federal Lobbyists, Rejects Super PACs, and Won’t Give Donors Special Access

Washington works great for the rich, the powerful and the well-connected who can buy off or bully politicians in both parties into making sure Washington is always on their side through their Super PACs and fat campaign checks.  

But Elizabeth rejects big money’s influence on our political system: she’s not taking a dime of PAC money in this campaign. She’s not taking a single check from a federal lobbyist. She’s not sucking up to billionaires to fund a Super PAC. She’s not giving wealthy donors special access. And she challenges every other candidate who asks for your vote in this primary to say exactly the same thing.

First, Elizabeth announced on August 21, 2018 that she does not accept contributions from any PAC. This includes any PAC run by big corporations. Special interests and massive corporations think government should work for them – and they have piles and piles of cash that they’ve used to bend and warp our political system in their favor. But Elizabeth believes that political power should come from working people — and with people-driven campaigns.

Second, Elizabeth does not accept contributions from federal lobbyists. She’s even got a bill to end lobbying as we know it and specifically would ban political contributions from lobbyists by law.

Third, Elizabeth rejects the help of Super PACs and would disavow any Super PAC formed to support her in the Democratic primary. We’ve got to overturn Citizens United because our democracy is not for sale.  In the meantime, Democrats should show some moral backbone by refusing their own Super PACs in the 2020 primary.

Finally, Elizabeth is running her presidential primary campaign on the principle of equal access for anybody who joins it. That means no fancy receptions or big money fundraisers only with people who can write the big checks, and no “call time” with wealthy donors to ask for their support. The amount of money you can give shouldn’t determine the amount of time you get to spend with a candidate.

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Washington works great if you’re rich and powerful. How about a government that works for everyone?
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